The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis.  Many patients with plantar fasciitis have a heel spur on the front and bottom of their heel.

The classic sign of plantar fasciitis (which is often called a "heel spur" because it's easier to pronounce) is heel pain with the first few steps in the morning.

Treatments like painkillers, ice, rest, and injections may help on short term, but often are not effective on the long run. The outcome of operations is poor.

Often, insoles are prescribed. We see many patients at our office, that had several different kind of insoles, but none really helped.

Our Plantar Fasciitis orthotic is made individually on a plaster mold of the patient’s feet.

The insole will take away the pressure on the painful spot, but will also decrease the tension of the plantar fascia, thus taking away the cause of the pain.

Patients will feel the pain diminish within 2 weeks and generally are completely pain free after 4 weeks, some severe cases may take 6 weeks.

In our survey, more than 90% of the patients were satisfied with the result:



To prove the effectiveness of  the newly developed method for treating fasciitis plantaris.

Prospective cohort.

In 2005, we did a study in Curaçao Netherlands Antilles of 73 patients (34 men and 39 women) who were treated with the fp- orthosis for fasciitis plantaris. One year after start of treatment patients were given a questionnaire that covered different aspects of the treatment.

Of the 73 patients, 96.8% found the treatment had positive results. 75.3% had no symptoms within 6 weeks of treatment. Of this group ( n=55), 46.3% had no symptoms within two weeks of treatment, 8.2% had minimal heel pain and 5.5 % minimal to no symptoms. This means that there were results seen in the entire population with a small group with minimal symtoms at the most. 97.3 % found the fp-orthosis comfortable.

By fabricating fp-orthosis with a specific cast molding technique, which not only relieves the fascia plantaris of stress by weight but also relieves the mechanical stress on the calcaneus, fasciitis plantaris can be treated in a fast and effective manner and has a high score of patient satisfaction. The fp-orthosis therefore is a serious option for the conservative treatment of fasciitis plantaris.

The images below give an impression of how we help our patients remain active and mobile with our customized foot orthotics.