Through the use of different kinds of knees and feet, the optimum choice for every individual patient is made. From geriatric knees to the latest development in knees like the Genium of Otto Bock, from basic feet to the most technologically advanced feet, every choice is available.

Why do liners have our preference for Above-Knee prosthetics?
Our patients that experienced different suspension methods are delighted with the use of the liner, because they don’t have any suction loss ever during the day. A liner is also a big advantage compared to the use of suspension belts.

But even more important is the socket. The shape and alignment of the socket of Sentro Orto-Físiko Kòrsou gives a more natural walk with less energy consumption. In 2004 it won the Innovation Award in Curaçao.

On the question to our patient Jane: “What was the biggest improvement that you experienced compared with the old prosthesis from the U.S.A that you had?” The answer was: “The C-leg helped a lot, but the new design of the socket had the biggest impact. I used to avoid going to the supermarket or any activity that required some walking, while now I go hiking!”

The images below give an impression of our work with patients requiering an above the knee prosthesis.