Cutting edge technology in a tropical environment

On the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, just north of Venezuela, Sentro Orto-Fisiko Kòrsou, is pushing the technology envelope and packaging the process in a more enjoyable environment. For about half the cost of a new prosthetic limb in the US, Sentro Orto-Fisiko Kòrsou is able to provide its state of the art product along with a two week vacation for two on a peaceful Caribbean island.


Leading prosthetic center for the Caribbean area

The Sentro Orto-Fisiko Kòrsou is a leading center for the Caribbean area. They also function as a service center of Otto Bock for computarized C-legs.

Besides cutting edge prosthetic care, Sentro Orto-Fisiko Kòrsou offers complete orthotic care, from inserts, braces and splints to post-operative corsets.

Several innovative designs have been developed since we opened up shop in 1988.

Although our production facilities are located in Curaçao, over the years we have expanded our activities to serve clients on several islands within the Caribbean basin. The map below indicates where we are proud to serve our fellow Caribbean islanders.