Mr. Thomas de Windt developed several prosthetic and orthotic innovations.

Innovation Awards

He received the Innovation Award in 1999 and 2004 of the Innovation-Center of Curaçao.

  • The 1999 award was for the interim-prosthesis. 
    This prosthesis makes walking possible after 4 – 10 days after the amputation.
  • The 2004 award was for a new socket design for Above the Knee amputees.
    The innovative socket for above the knee amputations adjusts the femur in the natural position, which results in optimal use of the remaining muscles. Immediately you will experience much more endurance, being able to walk longer distances, without getting tired. Also the gait-pattern improves considerately.


Other innovative designs:

Soft-socket AK prosthesis, dynamic braces for treatment of Blount’s disease, dynamic braces for treatment of hip-dysplasia, silicon diabetic feet protectors etc. Several of these designs received great interest on International ISPO-congresses (International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics) where Mr. Thomas de Windt gave presentations. On a regular basis interns of Dutch colleges and universities take part in research projects on innovative designs at Sentro Orto-Fisiko Kòrsou.


Lectures about Innovations

Thomas de Windt has given lectures and instructional courses in: Curaçao, Venezuela, Panama, Brasil, Colombia, the Netherlands, Aruba, Costa Rica, and Mexico.