How to Solve Problems 

"Let me show you a quick video," said mild-mannered Tom de Windt, of Sentro Orto-Fisiko Kòrsou, after replacing my broken Hydraulic unit, as requested. "It's something new we are working on."

OK, thought the techno-snob, just to be polite. What could you expect in little Curacao, population 200,000 and located in the southern Caribbean about 50 miles north of Venezuela?

Hmmm, what's this? A roll-on socket for an above the knee amputee? Are you sure? What? You think you can change the socket shape to give me more comfort while sitting?

"Just a thought," said Tom. I told you he was low-key. "Here is my e-mail address if you want to know more."

I left the quiet, pleasant office in the lovely residential section of Curacao and flew back to my even smaller little island. I wonder what else he knows that I don't know about? How can I be a techno-snob if I don't stay up to date? We started an e-mail correspondence in which he uncovered all those nagging little, and big, problems I listed above. He suggested a different, lighter weight knee that had the "stance control" I liked about my hydraulikó, but without some of the negatives. He even suggested a new foot that allows me to adjust it to accommodate different shoe heel heights. Now you're talking.