There are two downsides. First, I had to buy some new shoes to celebrate. Second, I have had some changes in the shape of my residual limb, mostly because I had stopped all exercise for about a month. But all in all, it has been change for the better.



What I found on the little Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, when I finally gave up my techno-snobbery, was a very up to date prosthetist who is also very creative and was willing to look for solutions to my specific problems. (Tom and Mieke both studied and trained in Holland.) He asked a lot of questions and he listened to my answers. Then he customized a shape and a solution that was right for me. He even let me help in the creative process. All this and saving money, too! Wish I hadn't waited five years to find him.



So now I have a new prosthesis, with a brand new "shape" that fits my body and my lifestyle. It's part ischial containment and part "creative adaptation" by the prosthetist, Tom de Windt. I also have a totally new, non-suction device, which holds all day long with no slipping or funny noises. But most of all I have walking and sitting comfort. I walk more and I walk better. So I've made great steps forward from what I thought was a remote part of the world.