I am a below knee amputee and was first fitted with a prosthetic leg in 2008 in Florida. After 3 years I had to get a new prosthesis because of changes in my limb. This was done in Trinidad where I live. Although I was able to walk with my new prosthesis, I walked with a limp and was experiencing significant discomfort and bruising to the limb. Several attempts were made to rectify the problems in the course of time, without success.

My doctor suggested that I see another prosthetist and he recommended Mr. Thomas de Windt. I saw him at his office in Trinidad and he suggested that because of all the problems I had with my limb in getting a proper fit, I should visit his office in Curaçao for approximately 2 weeks where he would have enough time to assess the limb and be fitted with the proper prosthesis. I would also have the benefit of some physical and gait training by Mrs. De Windt, a qualified physical therapist.

After much deliberation, I went to Curaçao for the 2 weeks and was much surprised at what I saw and experienced at his facility there. I honestly did not expect to see the type of service that was offered by Mr. de Windt.

To begin with, he has an amazing staff, so kind and helpful and they all make everyone feel so comfortable and at home. They are totally focused on patient care and comfort. His facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and he provides high quality prosthetic services. While there we met several of his patients who were either now being fitted with prosthesis or were just returning to say hello. When I saw some of them between the ages 65-80 now receiving prosthesis after surgery and in such good spirits and eager to walk again, that alone was like therapy for me. The whole atmosphere there was like one big happy family.

Mr. de Windt made all the arrangements for accommodation and transfers to and from the airport and also to and from his office every day. On the first day of my visit to his office, the prosthesis was made so for the rest of the 2 weeks I was closely monitored to make sure that I was given a proper fit and also to receive gait training and physical therapy.

Going to Curaçao for 2 weeks to get my new prosthesis was a very wise decision that I made. In addition to having all my prosthetics problems dealt with, I made new friends and I was also able to explore and enjoy the beauty and warmth of the island.