How to get a Prosthesis - Two Weeks Program

Thomas de Windt, and his physical therapist partner and wife Mieke, have set up a two week new prosthesis program. It focuses all the patient work in the mornings, leaving visitors free to enjoy each afternoon with snorkeling, swimming, fishing, even scuba diving. Temperature and weather conditions are almost perfect year-round on this island.


Long Distance Service?

You may have doubts to get a prosthesis by a prosthetist that is not around the corner in case of repairs or adjustments. And rightly so. This service is meant for patients from countries that do not have up to date services. Or for patients who are not satisfied with their current prosthesis and cannot get what they want close by. Than you do not really have a choice, you have to look further away.Sentro Orto-Fisiko Kòrsou is offering state of the art prostheses, for a very moderate price. You may save so much money, that an extra trip for repairs or adjustments to this wonderful island Curaçao in the Caribbean may be an advantage, instead of a disadvantage.


The Power of Concentration

Getting a new prosthesis while on vacation has other advantages too. By devoting a specific two-week period and going to a distant, relaxing environment, you are better able to focus on the process. You are not stressed and anxious about the time being lost from work. You can concentrate on getting the adjustments right and then testing them with a half day of enjoyable activity on a Caribbean island. Especially in the winter!

Enjoying the Process

This program also helps put the new prosthesis to the test. Instead of just walking around a room or on a treadmill for a short while, you are urged to spend all afternoon seeing the sights or walking on the beach. This way you will know how your prosthesis will fit after several hours of real work in a hot environment, when the residual limb usually swells. Miek, whose primary practice is working with amputees, also provides gait training and tips for improved prosthesis use efficiency.


Get in Touch

So, how does this sound: A new prosthesis with all the latest technology, a truly custom fit job by a lower limb specialist and a two weeks vacation on a beautiful tropical island. You will have the time to do it correctly and all of this for much less than the new prosthesis itself at US prices. If it sounds good to you, contact us and we will start a "conversation" via e-mail, fax or phone to answer any questions you may have. We provide assistance in finding accommodations to your personal requirements. In order to evaluate your situation adequately you might want to fill in the Patient Situation Form, privacy guaranteed.

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